About Us

Building with integrity,
from the inside out.

In the construction industry, the term “building” can bring to mind a host of images: from cranes towering over a new build site, to a remodeled kitchen in a single family home. For TRE, the idea of “building” represents the core of who we are. First it means we are building a strong company family culture that is committed to serving our client’s needs. Second, it means that we’re building strong relationships with our industry clients, and they understand the needs and expectations of prospective residents. And finally, because we’re in the multi-family industry, it means are in the business of building living spaces that match the expectations, quality and lifestyle of Northern California residents.

This is the foundation of all we do. It starts with us—our core values and how we treat each other—and it ends with the relationships we develop, and the work we provide for our clients. We are building with integrity, from the inside out. 

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