Our Story

Paul Qualls officially launched TRE in late 2013. From the very beginning, our company was about family. In fact, the name TRE stands for Paul’s three grandchildren at the time: Tyler, Rex, and Elliott (the number of grandchildren has now grown to five, and includes Emma and Gwenyth). But the name goes beyond a personal connection: it reflects our overall commitment to family, and is foundational to our work in the multifamily industry. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs that families have, and how important a home is to those who live inside it. 

Paul himself has been involved in the construction industry for over 25 years — 18 of those as the owner/operator of a general construction company. He has a keen eye for identifying other talented individuals who share a similar vision for quality work, and a strong sense of integrity. TRE has now grown to include 47 employees and a long list of clients, including individual property owners, large operators, and fee management companies. Together, our employees form the TRE family. Each person brings their own unique skills and passions to the expanding work that we do. We also have an extensive list of qualified subcontractors, who we carefully vet and select to meet our high standards. This, combined with our strong project management expertise, ensures that our clients receive the best service possible. 

Ultimately, we never forget that we’re in the business of families. It’s what drives our relentless pursuit of excellence and attention to detail. 

“To me, the work we do is really all about family and relationships. I’ve been blessed to have developed relationships in this business that have continued to grow and mature through all the changes and challenges. “
— Paul Qualls

TRE’s employees are the heartbeat of our organization. We’ve grown from only a few when we launched in 2013, to 47 at the end of 2019.

Paul’s grandchildren: Tyler, Rex, and Elliot (not pictured — Emma and Gwenyth).

Paul’s grandchildren: Tyler, Rex, and Elliot (not pictured — Emma and Gwenyth).