Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be one of the recognized leaders in the multi-family construction industry, committed to remodeling and repairing multi-family homes across Northern California. To get there, we believe in instilling honesty and integrity in every job. 

We will strive to provide the most insightful and value-added building advice to our customers, which leads to lasting partnerships throughout the construction process and beyond.

Our commitment to our employees and community will have a laser focus on safety, quality, and customer service. We will pursue excellence — through dedication, experience, and discipline — with an ongoing passion for delivering timely, profitable projects and complete customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Integrity in everything

Integrity is the cornerstone of our culture. It means authenticity, quality, having a strong foundation, and always doing the right thing. This spirit permeates our whole organization and shapes our decisions and interactions with our clients, employees, and community.

Committed to excellence

A final quality product is the result of thousands of right decisions along the way. That’s why we approach every project using our years of experience and consider every detail. We never stop learning because a commitment to excellence requires that we continue finding ways to improve every time.

Safety is paramount

Our people are at the core of everything we do, and nothing is more important than keeping them safe. We apply industry-leading standards and procedures to ensure a work environment that is free from unnecessary risks or dangers to our employees and residents.

Family mindset

Family is bigger than business and goes beyond the bottom line. For us, family is a mindset—from the founding of our company to our workplace culture, to the extended family that is our client base and our community. It’s about treating our relationships with care and respect.