Interior Renovations

We partner with our clients to transform outdated units into appealing and modern living spaces by upgrading kitchens, baths, washers/dryers, doors, trim and more. We pay attention to detail, deliver on schedule, work within your budget, and according to approved specifications.

Capital improvements

We are experienced with property-wide improvements such as PGE main electrical service, HVAC installation and plumbing infrastructure upgrades.

Rev-gen projects

We work with our clients to provide creative problem-solving, resulting in products and projects that both address ongoing issues and generate revenue.

Office and amenities improvements

We know how important first impressions are. Our team will partner with you to remodel your common spaces such as offices and amenity areas. In addition, we offer design/build services—from managing the design engineers to submittals for planning and building permits.

Balcony repairs and waterproofing

We make addressing failing balconies and stairs easy by using our experience and resources to create a comprehensive plan of action, and update them to comply with the latest balcony codes and regulations.

General dry rot repairs

We help you budget for and prioritize repairs by assessing dry rot damage, determining whether the repairs are critical/urgent structural issues or non-structural. We then deploy our repair experts to get your units back on the market as soon as possible.

We take pride in getting things right the first time

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Our Approach

We believe that our approach to our work sets us apart from others in the industry. As the client, we put you front and center in everything we do. Our goal is to create a relationship in which you feel included and in control of every step.

We call this approach

Effective Partnership

Managing the Process

  • At the outset of each project, we lay out a strategy. We look at lead times and plan work in the proper order, so that no project time is wasted.
  • We are proactive. We can respond to issues effectively because we’ve thought ahead, instead of reacting.
  • We have a structured yet flexible approach. We are able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
  • We keep the big picture in mind, keeping everyone from getting lost in the details.

Critical Communication

  • We see it as our responsibility to make sure you have all the information you need to make good decisions.
  • We take the time to fully understand your needs as a client from the outset, and continue listening as the project evolves.
  • We communicate what’s happening in the field to you in real time.
  • We don’t keep our employees in the dark—everyone on each projects has a full understanding of the situation and needs from employees up through management.

What does effective partnership look like?

  • We’re in your corner. We work with you to identify your actual needs, and then brainstorm solutions
  • Your problems are our problems. We take your point of view and anticipate needs that you might have.
  • We get it right the first time. With our process, work doesn’t need to be repeated.
  • In our proposals we are as inclusive as possible. We use our experience to anticipate as much work as possible, and are transparent about the realities of each project. This keeps change orders at a minimum.
  • We keep disruptions to a minimum, so your business can continue running smoothly
  • On time, under budget. We actually deliver on these promises because of our process.
  • We are your navigators. We help guide you through each project from start to finish.