The Coves

The Coves

Foster City, CA

One of our flagship projects is in Foster City. Three sister properties – Beach Cove, Sand Cove, and Shadow Cove – line the shimmering shores of the Foster City lagoon. We are working with our clients to renovate all 688 units in the 3 locations. We worked with our client to provide value engineering, and design ideas that not only attracted the interest of prospective residents, but brought lasting value to the property and each individual unit. We work closely with the property to schedule renovations, and to determine the scope of work—whether to do like for like, “Classic” kitchen, or transform into a “Bar” or “L-Shaped” kitchen. We also renovate the bathrooms, bedrooms, and add washers/dryers upon request. We aim for production-like efficiency, but with attention to detail and the flexibility to respond to changes.

The Property

Interior - Before

Interior - Finished